Our Services

Here we would like to offer a registered loan scheme to anyone experiencing a financial crisis whether you are BLACKLIST / CTOS / CCRIS, do not worry you can also apply. Whatever your job, you can apply for a loan with our company.

Fast Approval

A simple personal loan procedure allows you to earn money quickly and securely.

No Upfront Charge

Unlike other agencies in the industry, we do not charge any fees or upfront charges when processing your loan applications.

Fast Loan

Our services throughout the area of ​​Kuala Lumpur & Selangor.

Flexible Repayment Period

Loans of up to 8X net repayment of loans from 1 months to 60 months

Low Interest Rate

The money loan schemes offered by us are annual 18% fixed APR rates.

Save and secure

The borrower's information is definitely encrypted and will not be disclosed to anyone, please give us confidence.

Our service

Personal Loan

Established to meet Special Needs for government employees, private, pensioners @ socso for home renovations, education, credit card repayments and marriages.

Cooperative Loan

Established to meet Special Needs for government employees, private @socso, for home renovation, education, credit card repayment and marriage.

Debt Balance Transfer

We provide your outstanding balance transfer service either debt with other lenders, banks, credit cards or other long-term debt. No guarantor or collateral is required

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Do not Forget This Opportunity and Get the Lowest Interest Rate !!.